What’s the sitch bitch

this is jackie berman. she is my best friend. she is closer to me than anyone else in the entire world and i love her with all my heart. on January 13th 2014 her and her brother were shot by their mother and her mother proceeded to kill herself. her father received an email from their mom, jennifer berman, saying that she was going to harm herself and her family. Richard berman then rushed to their house and found her brother, alex berman, dead in his bed. this story is so tragic and hurts my heart every second since this occurred. i dont blame jennifer for what she did. she was like my mother and i loved her. she was just sick and no one understood how bad it was. i found this photo of jackie and i thought it was so beautiful and captured her model like features. i love you jacks more than anyone in the world and i still cant face the fact that you and your brother (who was also very close to me, practically my brother as well) are gone. i just wanted to commemorate jackie by posting something and sharing her story. they say that we are put on this earth to spread joy, love, and happiness. i guess jackie and alex spread a life time of happiness and love in the 15 and 16 years that they lived that god decided it was their time to go.

So beautiful - consider them both your guardian angels now :)



untitled by Jonny Revill on Flickr.

this is so perfect


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